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Why Veganism?

Throughout my journey with food, nutrition, and myself, I’ve realized that I didn’t chose veganism, veganism chose me. How, you ask? Enter IBS and a serious case of GERD and I’ve basically summed up my gastrointestinal problems in a nutshell. Yes, my stomach is not a happy camper and after years of suffering I have finally found the only source of comfort: a Vegan Diet.

But the solution to my problem did not present itself over night. My journey towards veganism has been a long one. As my symptoms of IBS and GERD worsened I slowly eliminated the foods that seemed to cause me pain. First went meat, then went dairy, and finally all the other miscellaneous “trigger foods” including anything acidic (bye bye oranges, pineapple, and tomatoes), spicy (nooooo, my blessed Mexican food!), anything fried or containes to much sugar (you mean, donuts too??) and lastely any fruit or veggie that isn’t somewhat cooked, peeled, and seeded first. Yes, waiters at restaurants loooove me!

As far as I have come in learning how to manage my IBS and GERD, I am still learning. In an effort to achieve ultimate health I am in the process of studying a proper vegan diet in order to assure the aquirement of all my essential food groups, vitamins, and minerals. I am excitedly exploring the world of veganism and all the delicious foods and recipes the lifestyle has to offer. Veganism has given me my life back and has enabled me to experience the love, comfort, and excitement of food again.

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