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The beginning of Insanity

June 6, 2010

So, I completely fell off the face of the earth. But it was for a good reason: I didnt know what I really wanted to start blogging about. Sure, there are a ton of blogs out there where people spend their blogging lives talking about what they did that day followed by a plethera of picturesof food, and while I want to do the same, I also want to include something more specific in my daily posts. So, after much consideration, I have decided to begin the Insanity workout. This has been floating around the blogging world for a while and I thought it sounded fun. I have always been an active girl and have always enjoyed a good physical challenge. However, when I got sick I lacked the energy to workout, lost a ton of weight, and also lost almost all of my muscle mass as well. So this  is my attempt to once again get strong and healthy.

There is one catch however, I am going to be fueling myself with a Vegan diet. For those of you who have not read my “About Me” section, I have adopted a vegan diet in order to control my IBS and GERD symptoms. I am curious to see the results I get by eating a 99.5% Vegan diet (I do eat egg whites). I know people have seen amazing results after completing the program and have been wondering if I would see the same with a vegan diet. Also, the Nutrtitionist in me is incredibly curious to solve the “can you be a Vegan and still be a succesfull athlete and fuel yourself properly” debate. How exciting!

So, tomorrow the insanity begins! I will be documenting my workouts, eats, and just to spice it up a bit, any other random ramblings of the day! Because my goal is to gain muscle mass and not lose any more weight, I plan on eating 5 meals a day, each around 300-400 calories and 20-30g of protein. If I find that I am losing weight I’ll just up my calorie intake. Another personal goal of mine is to cut out sugar from  my diet for the next two weeks. I have a major sweet tooth and want to see how my body changes with less sugar intake. I am hoping that I will have more energy, lees mood swings, and will sleep better at night!

Boring first post, I know. No pretty pictures or amusing comments but it will have to do. Now, I need to eat one last beloved slice of carrot cake before I kiss it goodbye for the next couple weeks. So sad! See you tomorrow!

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