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A bowl of oatmeal and a guy named Oscar.

March 7, 2010

The monumental first post. I spent hours deliberating what my first post should consist of. A witty quote? A noteworthy event? Or maybe an insightful opinion regarding the world’s current obsession with Jake and Vienna. But, alas, (yes, I I did just use that word) my brain is currently on cruise mode and I am  incapable of anything besides blissfully enjoying my bowl of Pumpkin Oats (aka heaven in a bowl….dont worry, there will be pictures to come…I’m simply too lazy to get up) and the Oscars! Yes, I am firmly planted on my couch and do not intend to move for the next few hours. But consider this my first official hello! Now, I need to get back to some serious eye candy (Why, hello there Ryan Reynolds….oh! you too Colin Firth!) and pay attention to who wins each category. There has been some serious betting between the neighbors and rumor has it whoever guesses the most amount of candidates who recieve an Oscar scores some major prizes. Needless to say- I’m ready to kick some butt (C’mon Sandra Bullock!). See you in the morning!

Its Oscar time! Who are you rooting for??

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