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T-minus 1 day….

June 6, 2010

So, I realized that the Insanity program is set up so that your first day is on a Monday and is considered your “Fit Test”, so I will be postponing the start date of my program to tomorrow! I figure one more days wait won’t kill me. 😉

So, instead of my first grill session with the infamous Shaun T, I did 30 minutes of random cardio intervals (jumping jacks, sprints, suicides, burpees, etc.) Followed by 15 minutes of ab work. I was nice and shweaty. I love it when you work out first thing in the morning. It always seems to set a healthy and positive tone for the rest of my day.

Normally I would spend the day relaxing around the house and lounging in the sun (exactly how I like to enjoy my weekends if I’m not working) but today I had plans! My friend had asked me if I wanted to check out a church that she has been attending for the past couple years and, since I have been on the lookout for a new church to attend, I happily said yes 🙂 So, I the beautification process began and I emerged looking considerable less sweaty and ready to begin my day!

Before I headed out the door I made a quick Egg-White Burrito….with plenty of ketchup! (Notice the reduced sugar?! Points for me! :p )

Made with 6 egg whites (microwaved for 1:30 minutes!), 1 WW tortilla, and a buttload of kethcup. Simple and delicious!

The Church was an hour away and let me tell ya, it was SO worth the drive! There is something amazing about finding a church that just feels right. I’m excited to go again!

By the time service ended and I made it back home I was starving. I quickly nuked two boca patties and made a ginormous burrito filled with lettuce, avo, and a little hummus. Unfortunately it made it to my mouth faster than I could take a picture of it. But I assure you, it was delicious. I was one happy lady and proceeded to soak up the sun for the next few hours while reading this:


So far I am finding it incredibly interesting. The first part of the book is dedicated to the Hormones that are responsible for weight gain/loss, the destructiveness of a sugar-filled diet, and the organs that are essential to keep healthily functioning. I’m fascinated by all things nutrition and Jackie offers some intriguing information on how to achieve a healthier and more efficient fat-burning body. The section on Sugar really hit home for me. I am a self proclaimed sugar addict. However, seeing the disturbing links to sugar and cancer (among MANY other dieseas/illness) has really made me want to limit my sugar intake. She also has done research that has declared sugar to be just as addictive as a drug. And I believe it! I don’t think the increasing amount of sugar in a typical American diet and the incredible increase in obesity rates in America isn’t related for nothing! The problem is definitely getting more severe. Hopefully by cutting out sugar for the next couple weeks will reduce my cravings for the nasty but oh so delicious stuff. Also, Im hoping that as I get farther into the book she can help me implement some strategies on how to gain some lean muscle mass!

So, back into the sun I go! Hope the weather where you are is just as lovely as it is here!


Do you think sugar can be just as harmful/destructive as other drugs? (tobacco, meth, pot, etc.?)

The beginning of Insanity

June 6, 2010

So, I completely fell off the face of the earth. But it was for a good reason: I didnt know what I really wanted to start blogging about. Sure, there are a ton of blogs out there where people spend their blogging lives talking about what they did that day followed by a plethera of picturesof food, and while I want to do the same, I also want to include something more specific in my daily posts. So, after much consideration, I have decided to begin the Insanity workout. This has been floating around the blogging world for a while and I thought it sounded fun. I have always been an active girl and have always enjoyed a good physical challenge. However, when I got sick I lacked the energy to workout, lost a ton of weight, and also lost almost all of my muscle mass as well. So this  is my attempt to once again get strong and healthy.

There is one catch however, I am going to be fueling myself with a Vegan diet. For those of you who have not read my “About Me” section, I have adopted a vegan diet in order to control my IBS and GERD symptoms. I am curious to see the results I get by eating a 99.5% Vegan diet (I do eat egg whites). I know people have seen amazing results after completing the program and have been wondering if I would see the same with a vegan diet. Also, the Nutrtitionist in me is incredibly curious to solve the “can you be a Vegan and still be a succesfull athlete and fuel yourself properly” debate. How exciting!

So, tomorrow the insanity begins! I will be documenting my workouts, eats, and just to spice it up a bit, any other random ramblings of the day! Because my goal is to gain muscle mass and not lose any more weight, I plan on eating 5 meals a day, each around 300-400 calories and 20-30g of protein. If I find that I am losing weight I’ll just up my calorie intake. Another personal goal of mine is to cut out sugar from  my diet for the next two weeks. I have a major sweet tooth and want to see how my body changes with less sugar intake. I am hoping that I will have more energy, lees mood swings, and will sleep better at night!

Boring first post, I know. No pretty pictures or amusing comments but it will have to do. Now, I need to eat one last beloved slice of carrot cake before I kiss it goodbye for the next couple weeks. So sad! See you tomorrow!

For the Love of Paula Dean!

March 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesdays are my official homework days. I usually do not have to work so I tr to get caught up on as much homework as I possibly can. This week I’m particularly crunched for homework time because next week is Spring Break and I’m planning on going up to Oregon for a week with my dad. A little road trip and some quality father daughter time!

So today I have quite the list of things to do. But first- breakfast! I just recently went to Trader Joe’s (aka Heaven) and found some Gluten Free Pancake/Waffle mix. Soooooo exciting! So, obviously I had to try it out! (Did I mention it was dairy free too? score!)

All I had to do was add the wet ingredients and PRESTO! Delicious waffles! (Looking pretty hot on their pink plate if I do say so myself)

And now to make this breakfast complete- a half hours worth of Paula Dean! Yes, I’ll admit it- I’m one of those people who enjoy watching tv while they eat. For me its very relaxing. I mean honestly, how can you go wrong with a mouthful of waffles while watching Paula Dean add copious amounts of butter to every recipe she makes? :p Oh, Paula, although I could never handle one of your dishes, you will always have a soft spot in my heart.

So- back to my list of things to get accomplished!

  1. Find a notary and take my traffic school test. (Yes, I got a ticket. Yes, I was driving to fast. Ugh!)
  2. Wash my car (Last time I checked it was 30 degrees outside…this one might have to wait)
  3. Kick my chemistry homework’s butt.
  4. Bake some yummy treats for tonight’s Bible Study! (Any ideas anyone?!)
  5. Crud- I need to d0 my Bible Study homework….
  6. Laundry

Okay- Its a lot worse now that I’ve written it all down. Okay, time to be productive! Have a lovely Wednesday!

Do you eat while watching TV?

As I said, watching tv while eating seems to relax me.  And it never takes away from the ejoyment of eating. I do, however, only watch tv during breakfast and maybe lunch (if I’m home and actually have the time). But I always sit down with the family for dinner. I love that family bonding time.

The 4,000 Calorie Drink

March 9, 2010

Tuesdays are my official Mondays because thats when the school week starts for me. So, needless to say I wake up less than thrilled. But its nothing that a nice hot bowl of oatmeal can’t fix!

Okay- I have a confession. I was up and out of the house by 6:30 am  (school is an hour commute- ew) so I didn’t have time to take a picture so this lovely google-searched one will have to suffice. But the mix consisted of:

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 almond milk
  • 1/2 water
  • 1/4 pumpkin
  • 2 T flax

And topped with fresh blueberries and bananas! Delightfully full and ready for chem lab!

Now I am currently blogging from Starbucks on my lunch break (I’m suppose to be doing my chemistry homework but I’m somehow successfully managing to put it on hold). But, back to Starbucks. On the days I do not have school I work part time at my local Starbucks. I love it. The people I work with are delightful and I truly enjoy brightening people’s day by making them something as simple as a cup of coffee.

But- something occurred the other day that I just had to share with the world: I made a 4,000 calorie drink.

I didn’t realize it at first but then I got curious and decided to tally up the calories once I realized the specific ingredient requests of the customer. I. was. appalled.  And very sad. I truly think that people don’t realize what they are putting into their bodies. Granted- Starbucks doesn’t have a plethora of the healthiest options but it is certainly possible to come out with a decent drink without drowning yourself in calories. Its the simple act of becoming more knowledgeable about what you are putting into your bodies (and actually caring about the nutrtional value of that product) that I think America needs to become better at. People forget that liquid calories add up quickly. They’re hardly satisfying, don’t fill you up, and can be insanely packed with sugar for its relatively small amount. Every now and then, sure, go ahead and splurge! But you’d be amazed at the amount of people who come in and order the same sugar-loaded drink every. single. day. Moderation is key.

So- that’s my rant for the day. Be more aware and care about what you are putting into your wonderful bodies! It will thank you and treat you right in the end 🙂

What is your opinion on “liquid calories”? Love ’em, hate ’em?

I personally don’t care for a lot of beverages. Unless its a delicious smoothie (which I need to make more often- Green Monsters anyone?) I’d rather just have water or hot tea. I’ve been known on occasion to heat up a nice mug of lite hot coco when I feel my stomach can handle it. Mmmmm…..

A bowl of oatmeal and a guy named Oscar.

March 7, 2010

The monumental first post. I spent hours deliberating what my first post should consist of. A witty quote? A noteworthy event? Or maybe an insightful opinion regarding the world’s current obsession with Jake and Vienna. But, alas, (yes, I I did just use that word) my brain is currently on cruise mode and I am  incapable of anything besides blissfully enjoying my bowl of Pumpkin Oats (aka heaven in a bowl….dont worry, there will be pictures to come…I’m simply too lazy to get up) and the Oscars! Yes, I am firmly planted on my couch and do not intend to move for the next few hours. But consider this my first official hello! Now, I need to get back to some serious eye candy (Why, hello there Ryan Reynolds….oh! you too Colin Firth!) and pay attention to who wins each category. There has been some serious betting between the neighbors and rumor has it whoever guesses the most amount of candidates who recieve an Oscar scores some major prizes. Needless to say- I’m ready to kick some butt (C’mon Sandra Bullock!). See you in the morning!

Its Oscar time! Who are you rooting for??